Odessa, we are coming! Concert on 25th of July

The “Lords of the Sound” orchestra invites everyone lucky, who lives in Odessa or comes there,  to the Odessa Opera Theater at July 25, 2016. The lovely program in the lovely city!
Tickets: from 80 to 600 uah on Gastroli.ua

It is tradition, that every respecting hard worker feels obliged to go to the sea in summertime. It is not surprising. In fact, sea breeze, warm water and hot sun are able to remove any fatigue, unload the brain and refresh thoughts.

In Ukraine the most people are heading to sweet Odessa with that purpose. Throughout the year a lot of tourists come to feel special Odessa atmosphere. But in summer this city becomes the absolute center of gravity because of the Black Sea.

And we are not an exception. But we are going to hold a concert! That’s why, dear viewers, wait for you at Monday, July 25, 2016. It does not matter, you will come after work day or after exhausting water and sunbathing. Our musician instruments will sound charmingly to everyone.

You could listen to soundtracks from “Avengers”, “The Lord of the Ring”, “The Pink Panther”, «Matrix», «Pirates of the Caribbean», «Sherlock Holmes», «Mission: Impossible», «Schindler’s List», «Dark Knight», «Game of Thrones», «Мастер та Маргарита», «О чем говорят мужчины», «Тарас Бульба», «Star Wars», «Mortal Combat» etc.

To purchase tickets is possible on Gastroli.ua. Also, you can find out another our planned concert in the “Concerts“. Glad to see you!

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