New program Oscar Music Awards in Kiev at October 15, 2016 in National Opera of Ukraine

Where: Kiev city, National Opera of Ukraine
When: 15 October, 2016 at 17:00 and 20:00
Tickets: from 70 uah to 1190 uah at 17:00 20:00

Friends, the new season is just around the corner, and we are pleased to announce that we will begin with concert, even two consecutive, in Kyiv on October 15, 2016. And, of course, we will present the new Oscar Music Awards program. Also our first concert will be held at the National Opera of Ukraine, so be ready for an exquisite event.
Oscar Music Awards program was compiled with great care, we included most worthy composition. The name speaks for itself about their distinctive features. And you probably have already guessed, that we will present the soundtracks from films that have been awarded the most prestigious Ocsar film awards! Or, at least, were nominated in the “Best Soundtrack” category, “Best Sound”, etc.
So, you will enjoy the live symphonic sound from these cult films:
– Lord of the Rings
– Pirates of the Caribbean
– Harry Potter
– Star Wars
– Gravity
– Scent of a Woman
– Avatar
– Matrix
– Mad Max
– Pulp Fiction
– Disgusting eight
– Inception
– Schindler’s List
– The King’s Speech
– The Grand Budapest Hotel
– Actor
– 007: Coordinates Skayfall
– Gladiator
– Titanic
– Moulin Rouge
– Purple Rain
– 5th Element.
This pearl collection is designed for the absolute enjoyment. But that’s not all, because the songs will be accompanied with the author’s video visualization including 3D elements. A great music will effectively complement by our charming soloists, each of which you are well aware with from the vocal talent show: Alina Bashkina, Victoria Lytvynchuk.
The exquisite evening in the noble National Opera is guaranteed! It will be a feast of elegance and refinement. Have time to buy the best tickets on 17:00 or 20:00.

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