Grand Christmas

GRAND CHRISTMAS is a Christmas and New Year program from the Lords of the Sound Orchestra!

The New Year mood, the spirit of Christmas, the atmosphere of love and the warmth of the hearth will surround you with the most sacred songs and compositions performed by the Lords of the Sound Orchestra and invited guests.

Shchedryk (Щедрик) - Lords of the Sound

We all love this sublime mood when you realize the beauty of the moment all over the body, when love fills us from the middle and radiates to the whole world. And the power of music is able to set such a mood! The music in which the harmony of Christmas is laid, the sanctity of the moment, the peace of the heart and soul. And unforgettable moments from the orchestra, choir, soloists and invited guests will await you.

The program contains the sound of European Christmas hits and soundtracks for the most beloved New Year films: Polar Express, Garry Potter, Frozen, Shchedryk, God was born on sleigh, Oh holy night, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Jingle Bells, Let it Show and many others.

Perfect (Ed Sheeran) - Lords of the Sound

You will feel the Ukrainian-European flavour, the plexus of European traditions and the beauty of Ukrainian culture! Let’s support the tradition of Europeans to attend Christmas concerts to be filled with fabulous moments! Miracles happen to those who believe in them! So do not refuse yourself for at least a couple of hours to plunge into the musical performance of GRAND CHRISTMAS from Lords of the Sound, and the charge of inspiration and spiritual harmony for the whole next year is guaranteed!

Come with the closest people and feel the unity with each other and music of a special holiday! Stand together with all of Europe at the Christmas and New Year’s concert!

Happy New Year - Lords of the Sound