Additional Concert in Kiev || December 15 || Legends of Film Music


On December 15 at 19 p.m. the additional concert Legends of Film Music will be performed. There Ennio Morricone, John Willliams та Hans Zimmer’s music will performed by Lords of the Sound, National Brass Orchestra of Ukraine and Choir Chapel Chubinskogo name at National Opera of Ukraine.

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As were announced before, we will hold 2 concerts Legends of Film Music on November 11 (at 17 p.m. and 20 p.m.) at National Opera. Due to the high demand and fast selling we will give one more concert the 15th of December with the same program.

It is pleasant to recognize that we have hit the mark and offer viewer what he wants. No doubt, legendary Morricone, Zimmer and Williams’ music is worthy to sound repeatedly in the capital of our lovely country at such grand hall as National Opera.

So that, the selling of tickets on event December 15 at 19 p.m. is open for everyone who couldn’t attend the first concert of wants to feel emotions one more time. Buy tickets right now.

*The programs of 11.11 and 15.12 have some differences on several compositions.


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